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Two Kiwis selected for Team Alvimedica



Kiwi sailors Ryan Houston and Dave Swete have been selected to join the crew of Team Alvimedica. The New Zealanders were among five crew members announced by the team today.


They join skipper Charlie Enright and co-founder Mark Towill in the crew. Also selected today were Alberto Bolzan (Italy), Nick Dana (USA) and Will Oxley (Australia). Amory Ross (USA) will be the Onboard Reporter (OBR).


The five recruits to the 2014-15 crew leave Team Alvimedica needing to fill just one more gap before the first event of the 12th edition, the Alicante In-Port race on October 4.


Their recruitment confirms Team Alvimedica’s ambition to use a young crew of sailors since all are in their 20s or early 30s with the exception of the hugely experienced Oxley, 49, who has already been navigator in two previous Volvo Ocean Races.


Bolzan, 32, from Trieste, is a rookie in the race but has four world championships under his belt and is the first Italian to be named in this edition’s crews. The other four sailors all competed in the last edition including Nick Dana who was OBR (then known as media crew member) for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. Amory Ross was Puma’s OBR in 2011-12.


Three of the crew – Enright, Dana and Ross – are from Rhode Island which will host the race when the boats visit Newport in May 2015.


“With only eight race crew positions, each role on board is vital,” said Enright. “Sailing skill is the main requirement but equally important is the team chemistry and ability to work together in a confined space for 38,000 miles around the world.


“To achieve great results on the water we need a collaborative group who will look after each other’s safety and well-being throughout a range of challenging conditions.”


The team next sets out from Newport on Wednesday (June 9) for a transatlantic training run to the United Kingdom. The team will line up against Volvo Ocean Race rivals Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing for a promotional start out of Narragansett Bay.


Confirmed crew for Team Alvimedica:

Charlie Enright, 29 (USA) - Skipper

Mark Towill, 25 (USA) - General Manager

Alberto Bolzan, 32 (ITA)

Nick Dana, 28 (USA)

Ryan Houston, 31 (NZL)

Will Oxley, 49 (AUS) - Navigator

David Swete, 30 (NZL)

Amory Ross, 30 (USA) - Onboard Reporter