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Volvo Ocean 65's - the momentum builds



By Agathe Armand


All eyes may be on Team SCA’s new racing machine, but there are many more Volvo Ocean 65s to come. Work has already started on the seventh boat in the one-design series – with a full 12 months to go before the start of the 12th edition of the race on October 4, 2014.


Ian Roman “I wouldn’t have delivered it if I wasn’t confident it would take the sailors safely around the world" - Connell Daino, Green Marine With the first two boats now completed and Team SCA already sailing in southern England before heading to their training base in Lanzarote over the coming weeks, you could be forgiven for thinking it's time for the consortium of boatyards to take a breather.


Not a bit of it. While Green Marine has completed the first and second boats, the English boatyard is weighing the third one this Tuesday.


Later in the week, boat number 4 goes into fit-out, meaning all systems will be installed inside the assembled hull and deck.


It’s a busy time in Hythe, Hampshire with the fifth hull and deck due to arrive this week too for assembly. In Italy, Persico is building the sixth and seventh hulls while the sixth deck is underway at Multiplast. The French boatyard has also ordered carbon for the seventh deck.


“We are completely on track” said project manager Connell Daino at Green Marine. "The team is well organised and we're working within the scheduled framework."


To see the first Volvo Ocean 65 hit the water last week was a key moment for all the people who’ve helped build this new generation of racing yachts. A total of 120 boatbuilders have worked on this in the four yards and Daino is proud of the meticulous process.


“It always feels good to put a boat in the water and see what’s been created by a whole team. The pull-down test went very smoothly, there was no noise inside the boat and it was very controlled.


“I wouldn’t have delivered it if I wasn’t confident it would take the sailors safely around the world. There is a lot of scrutiny on the quality of the work and the Volvo Ocean 65s get tested several times through the process. I know it’s a good boat.”