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New Boat Design



At 65ft LOA the new yachts are slightly shorter than the previous generation of Volvo Open 70s but will be more reliable, robust and affordable while still being a very high performance racing boat.


The new boat is designed by Farr Yacht Design in the United States, with a consortium of four boatyards taking care of the build process -- Green Marine in the United Kingdom, Decision in Switzerland, Persico in Italy and Multiplast in France.


"Farr Yacht Design is pretty uniquely positioned in that we have an enormous Volvo Ocean Race experience," said Patrick Shaughnessy, President of Farr Yacht Design. "We have designed 40 boats for the race, been involved in nine editions, the last few campaigns we've been on the ground 100 percent of the time supporting the teams and really been part of the race, and the thing that makes us a little unique is that we can combine that with an enormous one-design experience. I don't believe there's another team in the world that can present all those parts and that's really I think what makes us ideally suited for this opportunity."


The first boat off the production line is expected during late June 2013 after which a new boat will be rolling out of the doors at Green Marine every seven weeks. After that the plan is to have each new boat sailing within 3-4 days.


So what will the public see when the Volvo Ocean 65 rolls out?


"When you come down the dock you're gonna see a boat that's really cool," says Shaughnessy. "The stem shape has been styled to be emotional, forward looking and be relevant for years to come so it's a boat that's exciting and modern and it's gonna be iconic.


"People are going to see a lay-out of boat that makes it easier to move sails around because of some of the grinder pedestal orientations, those sort of things, but the overwhelming impression will be of a top level Grand Prix racing boat. So we tried to be pretty smart in how we address a couple of key little things but at the same time produce an image of a boat that's very forward thinking has a unique look in its stem profile, its cabin shape and some of these things that'll make the boat we think a little bit iconic in the industry. It'll be something that looks special, and look special for a while and styling-wise it's advanced like that enough to be quite keeping."


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