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Where to watch today



With tens of thousands of Aucklanders and visitors out to watch the In-Port Race at 2pm today, it would be wise to pick your spot and get there early.


The Race starts just outside the Race Village and travels out past North Head then back up the harbour, under the Bridge and back to the start line.


According to Predict Wind, the New Zealand company which provides in-port wind information to the Volvo Ocean Race boats, the expected winds will be out of the East North East at 15 knots. Additionally, the tidal current will be at its lowest during the race. Both these conditions will give the North Shore the advantage points for favoured close up views.


Here's our unofficial spectator guide to where to watch:


North Head: The absolute best cheap seats in the house will be from North Head. Plan on walking up the mountain however because every local knows this great viewing point, making parking up at the top near impossible. Add that to the always jammed Lake Road drive down the peninsular and well… It is probably best to grab the ferry to Devonport early and enjoy the pleasant 1 km long stroll along Kings Parade.


Navy Museum at Torpedo Bay: If you don’t fancy the walk up North Head then this is a great place to be down closer to the boats. Given the course, the boats should pass quite close to the end of the pier.


Mt. Victoria: The next best aerial seat will be from Mount Victoria which is a short walk up from Devonport village. The view from here will cover a broader view of the race because it is more centered in the race although your vantage point will be set back 500 m from the harbour. Parking is very limited at the top of Mt Victoria.


Devonport Ferry Terminal and Wharf: If you want to get down and close to the boats, this is a great place to watch as they come past reasonably close to shore.


Birkenhead Ferry Terminal: Further up the harbour you’ll be able to catch the boats as they gybe around the leeward mark near the Birkenhead ferry terminal. On the south shore of the harbour there are still some great viewing places.


Oraki area: The Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park along Tamaki Drive should provide a broad view of the race although the boats will be a further distance away. Take some good binoculars and a telephoto lens.


Westhaven Marina: The car park next to the yacht clubs on Westhaven Drive will provide a good water level view of the leeward turning point and race start/finish.


Waterfront: On the end of the pier at the Hilton there will be a great water level view of the start and the end of the Race plus views of the boats as they (hopefully) scream past.