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Nico on Auckland



Chris Nicholson, skipper of CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand, on CAMPER's arrival into Auckland:


"You have two emotions. One of disappointment as we were so close to getting Telefonica but the other is really humbling. It was an amazing reception for the team. It was a really good experience.


"This was a brutal leg and we sailing an extra 1500 miles just to get here. We were in bad sea states most of the time - just generally not pleasant sailing. The only reason you enjoy it is because you enjoy racing against the best people in the world, otherwise you wouldn’t do it. Strong at the start, week in the middle and strong at the end.  


"For us as a team we have known about the problem with our reaching for a long time and this was a leg with 4000 miles of reaching. We kind of figured that we had to come out of Taiwan just with a 250-mile lead and we didn’t have that. We have known about our reaching for a long time. We have done a lot of things and improved but at the end of the day it is what it is.


"I look at is like an injury in your body. If you have one, other parts of your body compensate for it. We have proved today coming into Auckland that we are strong running. The next leg is all about running. Watch us go. The next leg. One big thing is that we haven’t had a practice, no-one has.


"This will be a real test for everyone. Some will come out good and some won’t.


To me, Stopovers normally come to places where there is an entrant to that place. The Race should come to Auckland even if there isn’t an entrant. The Race does not get this amount of support and following in other places. It was amazing today - the spirit and the amount of people that have come here – it is not only good for the Volvo Ocean Race but good for the sport of sailing."